Staff Strength: 05
•    Associate Prof. Mario Joseph D’ Souza M.A., MBA, (On FIP; Currently pursuing PhD) (Experience: 24 Years)
•    Associate Prof. Roy Alvaro Gomes M.A., S.E.T. (Experience: 20 Years)
•    Associate Prof. Mini Gangadharan M.A., N.E.T. (Experience: 18 Years)
•    Assistant Prof. Averyl Pires M.A. (On FIP Contract) (Experience: 1 Year)
•    Assistant Prof. Anneliese D’ Costa M.A. (On Contract) (Experience: 2 Years)

Course Information:
  1. Bachelor of Arts
    •    Micro Economics (FYBA)
    •    Demography (FYBA)
    •    Macro Economics (SYBA)
    •    Export Management (SYBA)
    •    Contemporary Indian Economy (TYBA)
    •    International Trade and Finance (TYBA)
    •    Public Finance (TYBA)

  2. Bachelor of Commerce
    •    Managerial Economics (FYBCom)
    •    Business Economics (SYBCom)
    •    Rural Marketing (SYBCom)
    •    Business Environment (SYBCom)
    •    Business Economics (TYBCom)

  3. Events Organised
    •    Be Your Own Boss – 2011,2010,2009
    •    Conclave of Ideas – 2010-11
    •    Seminar on” Role of Youth In Goa’s All Round Progress- Liberation and beyond” 2011-12
    •    One Day State Level Seminar on  “Goan Heritage” 2010-11
    •    “Ayurveda- its ancient association with Goa - Modern usage and economic opportunities” – 2012-13
    •    “One Billion Rising Campaign” Protesting the violence against women - 2013
    •    Roots – 2013,2012,2011

  4. Projects Undertaken
    •    A study of Retail Marketing in Goa
    •    A study of Fabrication Business in Goa
    •    A study of Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets in Goa
    •    A study of Ginger Hotel: A Tata Enterprise
    •    Goa Shipyard Limited: A case study
    •    Hotel Park Hyatt: A case study
    •    Milk Production and Distribution in Goa: A case study of Goa Dairy
    •    Fitness Centers as a Business Venture: A case study of Norbert’s Fitness Studio
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